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  1. Salam Musik Indonesia…

    New Release :
    REGI WEKING – Cintamu Bukan Untukmu (CBU)

    Song : Cintamu Bukan Untukku (CBU)
    Singer : REGI WEKING (Ex-Vocalist Grup Heavy Metal "GARUDA FORCE" )
    Songwriter : REGI WEKING
    Genre : Rock Ballad
    Tersedia di :
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    #Nusa #Merdeka

  2. Hi Bu/Pak,

    Apa kabar?

    I am Lesia from MGID, a global native ad network with local representatives in Indonesia.

    I would like to offer you to place our ads on Nusamerdeka and reach your company's monetization goal via:
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    We already successfully work with Tribunnews, Grid, Idntimes, Hipwee, Detik, Liputan6, Kapalagi, Merdeka, Tempo, and would be glad to have you on board as well!

    Would you like to continue in WhatsApp for easier communication or e-mailing is more comfortable for you?